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Chapter Presidents

The Delaware Valley Chapter, later to become the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Chapter, of the American Concrete Institute has benefitted greatly from the volunteer efforts of the local industry leaders who have chosen to share their time and talents. With the help of one of our past presidents, we have compiled this Hall of Fame to honor those who have served as Chapter President.

President   Year
Harry F. Irwin   1969
John D. deMoll   1970
Charles A. Keelen   1971
Ralph Koliner, Ph.D.   1972
Arthur W. Lookup (dec.) 1973
Leo Goldstein   1974
Charles W. Fleming   1975
Fred Roll, Ph.D. (dec.) 1976
Randall C. Cronin   1977
Hyman Carroll   1978
Putinas V. Masalaitis   1979
David W. Markloff (dec.) 1980
Donald D. Meisel   1981
E. Fred Brecher   1982
Victor W. Nelson   1983
Loyd H. King (dec.) 1984
Clark W. Engle   1985
Stephen G. Jochum   1986
David J. Fielding, Ph.D.   1987
Thomas J. Normile   1988
Joseph Sharkey   1989
Helmuth Wilden   1990
Michael J. Boyle   1991
Donald S. Spitzer   1992
Judson F. Vogdes (dec.) 1993
James Weinheimer   1994
David A. VanOcker   1995
Noli Alarcon   1996
William A. Gillespie   1997
Michael S. Smith   1998
Barry Cupchak   1999
Monica M. Schultes   2000-2001
Paul D. Spiegel   2002-2003
R. Victor Scotese   2004-2006
Theodore J. Smulski   2007-2008
Carl W. Sparano   2009-2010
Gary M. Horninger   2011-2012
Albert J. Meyer, Jr.   2013-2014
Krishan K. Saini   2015-2016
Barney Heller   2017-2018

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