Concrete Strength Testing Technician

A Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician - Grade I is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge and ability to properly perform, record, and report the results of basic laboratory procedures for aggregates and concrete.

The program requires a working knowledge of the following ASTM Standards:

C 617 - Capping cylindrical concrete specimens.
C 1231 - Unbonded caps for concrete cylinders.
C 39 - Compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens.
D 75 - Sampling aggregates (written exam only).
C 702 - Reducing field samples of aggregate to testing size.
C 117 - Materials finer than 75- m (No. 200) sieve for mineral aggregates by washing.
C 136 - Sieve analysis of fine and course aggregate.
C 29 - Unit weight and voids in aggregate.
C 127 - Specific gravity and absorption of course aggregate.
C 128 - Specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregate.
C 566 - Total moisture content of aggregate by drying.
C 40 - Organic impurities in fine aggregates for concrete.


Both the review course and exam will begin at 8 AM.  For directions and map to the Fire Academy, click here.


Chapter Member Non-Member
Text (self study)
Lab Technician Study Package
$129.00 $139.00
Review Course (includes text) $240.00 $260.00
Performance Exam $200.00 $220.00
Written Exam $200.00 $220.00

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Class size is limited to 30 people for either the course or exam.