2019 Student Beam competition

Dinner Meeting on March 14, 2019 at Grand Eastonian Hotel and Suites, Easton, PA

Mar 14, 2019

Effective Strategies for Improving Camber Predictions in Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders and Research in Progress from Lafayette College Concrete Laboratory (LCCL)

Date & Time
Thursday, March 14, 2019
Cocktails - 5:30 PM
Dinner - 6:30 PM
Presentation - 7:30 PM

Grand Eastonian Hotel & Suites, 140 Northampton St., Easton, PA 18042

EPDACI Members & Guest - $50; Non Member:  $60; EPDACI Student Member - $15; Non Member Student:  $20

In order to limit construction conflicts in bridges with precast, prestressed concrete girders, it is essential that designers can predict midspan girder camber with sufficient accuracy at key stages.  The first portion of this presentation describes a study of the effectiveness of various strategies for improving camber predictions when compared to field-measured values from actual bridge girders produced in the Southeastern United States.  The study also incorporated concrete materials data from nearly 2,000 girder production cycles among four regional producers in additional to a laboratory study of mechanical and time-dependent properties of representative concrete mixtures.  

The second portion of this presentation will include brief student laboratory report outs of research in progress at the Lafayette College Concrete Laboratory (LCCL).  Anticipated topics include (a) Recycled Foamed Glass Aggregate (FGA) Concrete for use in Infrastructure Applications, (b) Prototype Sensor Development and Validation for In Situ Concrete Modulus of Elasticity Measurement, and (c) Laboratory Startup/Renovation for Flexural Capacity Testing of PennDOT Bridge Deck Panel Joint Detail.   

Mante.jpgSpeaker:  David M. Mante, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Lafayette College

David M. Mante, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Lafayette College, teaches and conducts research in concrete structural behavior and concrete materials at the Lafayette College Concrete Laboratory (LCCL).  Prior to coming to Lafayette, Dave worked as (a) a construction engineer/superintendent, (b) a designer for construction support services, and, most recently, (c) a highway bridge designer in New York State.  

As current director of the LCCL, Dave and his students utilize the Maroon Monster loading frame and the Beat Lehigh concrete mixer to study (a) the accuracy of serviceability predictions for concrete structures, (b) performance of bridge deck panel joints, (c) concrete sensor development, (d) advances in innovative concrete materials, and (e) engineering education.  His current teaching areas include (1) Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Strength of Materials), (2) Reinforced Concrete Design, (3) Highway Bridge Design, and (4) Structural Load Testing.  He is a member of ACI Committee 435 and the ACI Faculty Network and recipient of the 2016 ACI President’s Fellowship and the 2018 Aaron O. Huff Superior Teaching Award.  He received his M.S. and Ph.D. from Auburn University (Auburn, AL) in 2016.  

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