2018 Student Beam competition

Registration Forms and Instructions

Concrete Construction Special Inspector Registration Form
Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 Registration Form
Aggregate 1 Testing Technician Registration Form
Adhesive Anchor Installer Registration Form

You can obtain a copy of the current Registration Forms (and instructions for completing the forms) by calling Chapter Headquarters.

Before filling out Registration Form, please read over all instructions and familiarize yourself with the form!

In the first box, fill in all the requested data.

The review course is not necessary but extremely helpful if you are re-certifying or certifying for the first time. We highly recommend taking the review course.

Re-exams of either the written or performance exam can only be taken within a year of the date that you failed that exam. If a year has passed, you must re-take both the written and performance exams.

Circle the amounts next to the dates you will be taking the course and/or exams that you require. Members of the Eastern Pennsylvania & Delaware Chapter of ACI (EPDACI) will receive a discount in cost. If you are a member, circle the prices beneath Mem. If you are not a member, circle prices beneath Non-Mem.

If you are taking the course, it is best to take it no more than two weeks before the exam. However, this is not mandatory.

If you are taking both the written and performance exams, you must take them together on the same date.

TEXTS are purchased separately for self-study only. If you are taking the review course the texts are included in that cost. If you need to purchase texts separately, please note that Chapter member Mem. costs are less than non-member Non-Mem. costs. Circle the appropriate prices.

After you have circled the appropriate costs for course, exams and texts, please write the total of these in the proper space provided for each box. If you post this registration form less than two weeks before course and/or exams you must include a $35 late fee.

Add up totals in the space provided.

You must send payment in with this registration form. We cannot reserve a space for you in course/exam or send texts until payment is received.

Class size is limited to 30 people. Registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Registration form may be duplicated. Only one form is allowed per person. After form is completed, make a copy and keep for your records.

Registrants with a disability or requiring special accommodations should contact the Chapter Headquarters for further information prior to course or exam.

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