About ACI

The Benefits of ACI Chapter Membership

One of ACI's greatest strengths is that we truly represent the users' interest, with the broadest possible definition of "user": public agencies, engineers, architects, owners, contractors, educators and researchers, and other specialists interested in the design, construction, or maintenance of concrete structures. Another of our great strengths comes from progress within ACI. Our output at local, national, and international levels is based on the efforts of thousands of volunteers with assistance and guidance from a small professional staff at ACI headquarters. We realize more than ever that success in meeting our mission depends directly on the vitality and dedicated efforts of ACI membership and staff.

A new mission for ACI's second century.

While the guiding principles behind the original purpose and mission statements of ACI continue to be as true today as they were in 1905, we believe that the following mission statement better portrays our current position and responsibilities: ACI will strive to be the world's premier developer and disseminator of information on the use of concrete for structures and facilities. This document presents a carefully conceived plan to realize this ambitious mission. The sustained efforts needed to implement the Plan will enhance and strengthen ACI International and provide a host of valuable new benefits for its members. At the same time, carrying out the many initiatives needed to achieve this mission should provide personal excitement and challenge for members and staff.

Better constructed facilities is what we're all about.

ACI International members are professionals in the field of concrete design, construction, materials, education, and certification. They are employed by engineering and architectural firms, contractors, materials and equipment suppliers, government, and institutes of higher education. If you are an expert or just interested in concrete and concrete construction, now is the time to join the nearly 18,000 members that make ACI great. Members reside in more than 100 countries, and participate in more than 150 technical, education, certification and administrative committees. Membership provides extensive benefits including discounts on all ACI publications, conventions and seminars, plus members receive the latest information from ACI's periodicals: Concrete International Magazine, ACI Structural Journal and ACI Materials Journal.